Company News

October 2, 2006

Inmentis has announced today that Dimensional Metadata Manager (DMM) application is on target to be released to for beta-testing to the existing Metrics3d customers in Q1, 2007. The DMM application will ship as part of an upcoming release of  Metrics3D application suite. The DMM module extends the capabilities of the Metrics3d application suite in the areas of multi-dimensional analysis and reporting by allowing  metadata to be associated with individual measures within the multi-dimensional "cube". For more information about Metrics3d application suite please visit www.metrics3d.com.

The Metrics3d application suite and DMM module are implemented on Microsoft .NET platform, using VB.NET and C#.NET programming languages. The DMM module integrates into the Metrics3d suite through the use of Web Services infrastructure, providing a robust and scalable mechanism for storage, retrieval and manipulation of dimensional metadata objects.

July 19, 2005

Inmentis has renewed its ongoing partnership with ABS System Consultants (www.abssystems.ca) in the development of ABS's Metrics3D Application Suite. Inmentis will continue to develop and maintain the Dimensional Metadata Management (DMM) application, included in Metrics3D suite.

The DMM application is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies, including user interface developed in ASP.NET, and implementing .NET Web Services infrastructure.

Inmentis will also provide consulting services to ABS in database design, Microsoft .NET application architecture, performance tuning, and a variety of other areas.

March 10, 2005

Inmentis has signed a contract with Exchoworx Corporation (www.echoworx.com) to provide consulting in the areas of database design, scalability, and performance tuning.