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 Issue 2009, vol. 4 
Hello from Northern Georgia!

Since the last newsletter, there were some major changes at Swissbianco (see Oct. 8, 2009 Press Release). As a result, the company is now pointed in a better direction, and I am positive again about my work and life in the USA! We have a lot of exciting projects on the go and some special pieces to offer you in this newsletter.

For additional photos of the items featured in this newsletter and more, please visit our Swissbianco Photobucket SAK Album.
Alox Bushcrafter
We just got in the first limited run of the brand new Victorinox model - Alox Bushcrafter. It's a 93mm alox SAK, basically a Farmer without the screwdriver layer. So, we have a thin, 2 layer SAK with the main long blade, saw, awl, and the split ring attachment for safe carry.

The Bushcrafter's tool combination is best suited, as the name implies, for outdoor bushcraft work, making useful tools, traps, leantos (improvised tents), and more.

This first Victorinox/+B limited edition run was limited to only 61 pieces. Out of those we only have a handful of pieces available for purchase, including the silver original Victorinox scales, as well as +B black and purple hard-anodised scales.

Silver, Orange, Purple, and Black Alox Bushcrafters
As always, all the pieces were assembled at Victorinox factory in Ibach and carry full lifetime warranty.

The price Bushcrafter is $38 with standard Victorinox silver alox scales and $42 with Swissbianco hard-anodised color scales.

We have the first Bushcrafter video posted on Swissbianco Youtube channel, and Damon Eggert is currently working on a practical use video featuring the Alox Bushcrafter.
Hard-anodised Nitecore Flashlights

Nitecore Flashlights, hard-anodised by Swissbianco
We are proud to offer a number of pieces from the special limited edition of Nitecore flashlights, hard-anodised by Swissbianco.

These flashlights are available in two sizes: the smaller one is single 123 cell, and the bigger one is a single AA cell. The unique piston drive system allows to dim the flashlight in a continuous (stepless) way from 130 lumens to near zero.

We choose orange color for most of the pieces in order to make them easy to find, and each flashlight has a pocket clip mounted on it, but easy removed, if desired.
Technical information is available on 4sevens.com Nitecore Product Page, and work is guaranteed by 4sevens.com. Each of these flashlights is unique, as they were single pieces, anodised in each color combination as a collaboration project between 4sevens.com and Swissbianco. The price is $79 each.
Upcoming Projects
We have good news from Victorinox - in co-operation with Swissbianco, they will produce a first ever limited run of Alox Rambler! The Rambler is a very popular 58mm SAK, with many features packed into a small knife. We are planning to make the Alox Rambler in a number of colors and you have the unique opportunity to voice your preference by voting in the Favorite Alox Color Poll. Additional information, as it becomes available will be posted in the Swissbianco Alox Rambler thread.

Among other projects, we are close to the completion of the 111mm digitalcamo SAK (we work on the scales), and plan to offer it in the next newsletter, along with some new-in-box old stock SAK we found hiding in Switzerland.

We are also in the process of testing the prototypes of our first ammo, called BarkBuster, and hoping that this less lethal alternative will find its place in the market.
Swissbianco Forums and Photos
For up to date information on Swissbinco projects, please check out our forums: Swissbianco on KnifeForums.com, Swissbianco on Messerforum.net (in German), Swissbianco on TacticalForum.net (in German), and Swissbianco on Knives.pl (in Polish).

You can find the latest Swissbianco photos in Swissbianco Photobucket.
Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    Tim "Feline Vet" Meeker ( http://felinevet.sosakonline.com/)
    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)
    JRE Industries ( http://www.jreindustries.com/)
    Fenix Outfitters ( http://www.fenixoutfitters.com/)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

Ordering Information
Before paying, please make sure that:
  • You ask me first if the limited goods are still available.
  • You confirm with me the shipping price for your order. All prices in the newsletter do not include shipping, unless noted otherwise.

I accept payments through my PayPal account: paypal _at_ swissbianco.com

When paying, please include the following information in PayPal message:
  • Your correct shipping address.
  • The list of goods you are ordering.
Best regards,
+BIANCO - New Swiss Knives
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