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Issue 2009, vol. 1

After a great time in the USA, I'm back in Switzerland for a few weeks. We are now working on getting things moving to bring my mother, Silvia, and my Swiss collection over to the USA.

The IWA trade fair show and Baselworld watch Expo where good. Great news from Mr. Hug, CEO of Wenger Delemont - +B will get Wenger parts, as I do currently from Victorinox, to make special unusual models with factory quality/warranty!

The final version of my Green Card arrived in time for Christmas, what a great feeling! My company is now established in the USA and Steve and I had a busy time at our first SHOT show. Now we are preparing for the Blade show, where I plan to assemble some SAKs in front of the public.

In this first newsletter of 2009 we have some great SAK finds and new custom +B items.
Swissbianco Tactical Pen©
My tactical pen solution is now available! It's sturdy (made out of aircraft aluminium), hard anodised, and comes in an Otter box for safe travel and storage.

For ink it uses standard Fisher® cartridges. The pen comes with black ink, and inside the box there are 2 more refills, blue and red. Each cartridge has its own laminated spring, so you never loose that little part.

The pocket clip is made out of heat-treated stainless steel, well rounded, and has 2 contact points instead of usual one, so its harder to loose it out of the pocket.

The body of my pen serves as a stylus, and the screw-off part is secured by a rubber O-seal, so it wont accidentally unscrew. The cover locks on both sides, and the removable end pieces come in 3 different designs for different uses.

Since there was a potential copyright issue with offering interchangeable end pieces, in the USA we will only offer the pen with a single end piece. Customers outside the USA will get all three.

The next run will have a single multi-purpose end piece. It will have a cross-like shape, which can be used in a press/twisting motion to soft skin (in an kubotan-like mode), and also it will tear off some skin/blood as an DNA sampler (ideally suited for self-defense by women).

With the gun laws getting stricter and stricter, such a durable, long writing pen is great, as it is legal to carry almost anywhere. We will also work on some splash variants.

This first run of Swissbianco Tactical Pen is offered for US$175.

For more Tactical Pen pictures click here.

Tactical Pen in Silver

Tactical Pen in Black

Tactical Pen Otter Box
Swissbianco M-Sharp©
Since the Molle® system is more and more used by armies all over the world, I designed an easy to carry anywhere, Molle®-compatible, sharpener. So, in the field, or wherever you are, you can always have a sharpener ready when needed, without having to stuff one into your already overfilled pockets!

My M-Sharp© is a small hooked device which allow you to carry it hooked into 2 Molle® loops. It is made out of stainless steel and has rounded corners that don't damage the Molle® gear.
The sharpener surface is high-quality diamond coated by a US company, it will last a long time. We opted for an diamond sharpener because most modern knives are using harder steel. Also, they don't break easily like traditional stones do, which is important for rugged military use.

The M-Sharp© also features a hole, through which you can loop a piece of paracord for additional safety. Initially available in black, the +B M-Sharp© will be made in sand color as well. If your civilian gear doesn't have Molle® straps, it's easy to sew or glue 2 straps on any bag. Prices are available upon request.

For more M-Sharp pictures click here.
Swissbianco Firearms Recoil Softening System
As most of you know, my roots are in the firearms industry and I switched to knives because the Swiss laws. Since now I can legally buy firearms in the USA, which I did, I wanted to protect this investment and so I looked around for some "recoil-buffers". Whatever I found, however, did not have good quality, and so, after a discussion with supplier, I made my own version, which had great feedback in the Beretta Forum.

It looks like a good number of Beretta 92 owners enjoy my new product, and I and working on offering more different models, made out of that high quality material. I plan on offering buffers for the 1911, Glock, Tokarev pistol, CZ75/85, Sig 210, Ruger 10/22 and the AK47/74 system.

Two Buffers: One installed, the other one lying flat
The benefits of this product are less recoil, less stress where the slide hits the frame, and this results in a longer lifespan of these parts. No alterations are needed, and its easy to put in and take out. This kind of products I would never be able to legally make in Switzerland - it is banned!

Currently, Beretta 92 buffers are avaliable for US$8 each, with shipping inside the USA at US$1.50 for up to 3 pieces.

For more buffer pictures click here.
Victorinox Heritage SAK, Swiss Edition
The new Victorinox Heritage SAK will soon be available for purchase, and I am now accepting preorders. There will be a special range of serial numbers, made for Swiss market only. Please ask for details.
Victorinox Silver Alox First Mate
A great find was a number of unusual Silver Alox First Mate SAKs, Victorinox #0.8160.26.

It looks like these were the last sacking needle SAKs made, with silver alox scales instead of the usual red ones. The red-scaled First Mates are quite rare, but these silver ones ultra-rare!

The history has it that the SAKs with the sacking needle were initially designed for farmers, but later found their use in marine applications as marlin spikes.
There were 4 different red alox models available with sacking needle/marlin spike. It is however unknown, if there were any silver alox models, except for the one offered here. These are a must-have for any alox collector, offered new in a box for US$ 55 each.

For more pictures of these and other SAKs mentioned in this newsletter click here.
Victorinox 84mm Golfer with Long File
Another great find is the 84mm Golfer!

It has red cellidor scales and 2 layers, with main blade, combo tool and corkscrew in one layer, and scissors with long nailfile in the second layer.

Not only this is a smaller version of a popular 91mm Compact configuration, but it replaces the hook with a more functional long file!

Victorinox #0.3422, this rarest version of the 84mm Golfer comes brand new in a box. Please ask for details.
Victorinox/+B Special Run of Plain Edge New Swiss Army Knives
Mr. Elsener helped us again to offer the preorder for another special run. This time it is based on the new '09-stamped Swiss Army knife, but with plain edge and corkscrew! This will be the best version of this platform, as many of you prefer the plain edge blade. They will be US$ 55 each, and we have no limit on the numbers! So, if you want a couple, please let me know.
Victorinox - +B scientist
While in the USA, at an gun show, I found an unusual-looking SAK, which I bought. As it turned out, it was an old Scientist model. This lead me to order the parts for Victorinox and make 40 pieces of this SAK in a new version, including the new magnifier/Phillips layer and red translucent plus scales.

Also, to my surprise, we got brand new 6-corner tiny screwdrivers that fit inside the corkscrew.

These are way easier to use! I offer these "21st Century Scientists" for US$ 40 each.
Victorinox '09-stamped New Swiss Army Knife
I have the new '09 version of this SAK in stock in Switzerland, and offering them at US$ 48 each. I also still have some '08-stamped (rare!) version, without the US laser-engraving on the blade. The original sheath is available on request, and I am working on a true Swiss-made version.
Victorinox 111mm Linerlock Replacement Scales with Clip
Brand new in stock are the black replacement scales with the new Victorinox pocket clip. They are easy to mount on your existing SAK for the convenient clip carry.

I am offering these for US$ 17 each. Please note that these come without the Philips/corkscrew cut-out, as they are intended for the Sentinel model. That said, if needed, the cut-out can be custom made by filing down the scales.
Current Projects
Currently at Swissbianco we work on the serial version of the SwissKeyTool (SKT), with kydexsheath. We are also doing more splash SAKs, including alox Lumberjack, Farmer and, for the first time, Wenger Standard Issue. The first digicamo prototype of the 111mm SAK was a success, and we will continue working on it. We also work on a firesteel orange farmer version of Mr. Brunners idea. Unfortunately, this great eidgenosse did pass away recently.

Italian friends from Extrema Ratio sent some folders for splashing, after the great success of my proto exhibited at the IWA. The first Swiss Sigg water bottles are splashed, and, because it's legal in the USA, I did splash my first 3 firearms, 2 handguns and one shotgun and sure we will do more.

Soon I am back in the USA, and there I can live out all my creativity. Stay tuned for more!
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