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Issue 2008, vol. 2

First of all, I would like to give you an update on SG PE OHT and Alox Splash projects. The 150 pieces of SG PE OHT arrived safely in USA and will get engraved soon. I should be able to start shipping them out when I arrive in the USA. Unfortunately, the low number of orders I have received for alox splash means that I have to raise some extra money to make a cost-efficient run. I am working on it (see my In Stock SAK Sale section below), and will update you on the progress.

I had a very bad time with serveral problems here, my mother was in hospital too, that caused more delay. I am looking forward to leaving in May for the USA.

As I already mentioned in my forum, I have recently attended IWA trade fair show. It was a very busy time, and positive experience. Mr. Hug showed the Wenger 1893 and Mr. Betschart (from Victorinox) gave his support for my work. Also, a project with Spyderco is talked out and is in the works.

After that was baselworld.com - biggest watch expo, held in Basel, and I did make some progress with my custom tactical finish traser watch. I have also visited big folding knife expo from Mr. Brunner, a big swiss collector. All the pictures are in my Photobucket.

Another exciting news is that the first 3 samples of damascus pioneer have arrived.
Wenger 1893 Replica
This is a newly made limited edition version of the first Wenger knife delivered to the Swiss Army. Only 1893 pieces will be made, each serial numbered, and enclosed in a nice wood case along with a copy of the original technical drawing. The scales are walnut and the parts are stainless steel and brass. A nice tang stamp with the Swiss trademark "crossbow" completes the package.

Because this is a limited edition I must order fast, it is not guaranteed that I get the number of pieces I need, but according to Mr. Hug there will be enough for sale in Switzerland. I will do my best. Price is $450 plus shipping, prepay/preorder needed, money order only.

There are other new Wenger SAKs that are first avaliable in Switzerland. If you are interested, please contact me for details.

Wenger 1983 Replica in a box
Larger image

Wenger 1983 Replica with a copy of original 1983 drawings
Larger image

Wenger 1983 Replica can opener and awl
Larger image

Relief SAK
Prior the IWA I got a sample of a nice cast relief SAK. The scales that fit any 91mm Victorinox and the metal casting looks and feels really nice - Swiss made quality! Scales are available with different images on the front, the back is allways the same. They come from the factory mounted on a Vic. Spartan, but I can offer them mounted on any currently produced Vic. SAK, please ask for price.

I remember, as I was growing up in Switzerland, these SAKs we for sale in "tourist places". Back then they were way too expensive for a Swiss boy.

Relief scales front
Larger image

Relief scales back
Larger image

Larger image

Larger image

Larger image
07 and 08 Wenger SI and Victorinox Soldier, plus Black Rescue Tool
New Wenger SIs and Victorinox Soldiers with "08" tang stamp are being made. These will be the last silver alox swiss army SAK. I also have the "07"-stamped ones in stock. All are brand new, price is $25 each, plus shipping.

Many people were not happy with the yellow RescueTool, so Victorinox did make a run of black scaled, non-glowing ones with standard black sheath. I am offering these for $88, plus shipping.
traser Tactical Watch
I have received a good feedback at the IWA for my 2 prototype custom fireflame finish traser watch. This is a titanium Commander version. I will be starting to work on the first 50 piece run.

In order to make this happen, I need at least 30 pieces to be preordered/prepaid. Please contact me for details, including technical specification of the watch. Price is $500 (money order only).

traser custom fireflame
Larger image

traser custom fireflame back
Larger image

In Stock SAKs For Sale
I have the following SAKs available for sale (please see prior newsletters for pictures/details):
  • 3 pieces Black Pioneer: $30 each
  • 2 pieces Yeoman Mechanic: $60 each
  • 3 pieces Black Eco 91mm Lumberjack Plus: $35 each
  • 2 pieces Red Eco 91mm Lumberjack Plus: $35 each
  • 1 piece White Eco 91mm Lumberjack Plus (only one ever made!): $40
  • 1 piece Stayglow Eco 91mm Lumberjack Plus: $45
  • 2 pieces Silver Alox lumberjack (from the 162 pieces run!): $35 each
  • 1 piece 91mm Bern Police SAK: $50

Above prices do not include shipping.

What's Coming Next
In the immediate future I will be working on the splash run and arranging for the SG PE OHTs to be engraved..

After emigrating to USA, I will be focused more on my own knives, but will still make some custom SAKs, if possible.

A tactical pen is almost finished as a prototype, and the Spyderco collaboration big folder will rock, it will be the biggest one in their line.

As always, for the latest news, please visit Swiss Bianco forums: On KnifeForums and On Messerforum (in German). You can also find the latest pictures in my Photobucket

Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    Tim "Feline Vet" Meeker (http://felinevet.sosakonline.com/)
    YouWantIt2.com (http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de (http://fehlschaerfe.de)

Ordering Information
Before paying, please make sure that:
  • You ask me first if the limited goods are still available.
  • You confirm with me the shipping price for your order. All prices in the newsletter do not include shipping, unless noted otherwise.

I accept payments through my PayPal account: swissbiancousa _at_ hotmail.com

When paying, please include the following information in PayPal message:
  • Your correct shipping address.
  • The list of goods you are ordering.
Many thanks,
+BIANCO - New Swiss Knives
Roger Remund
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